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Hi! Bonjour!

I'm Martin Humbert, I believe great product design comes from a focus on the right questions and the search for simple solutions.

I have a special interest in copywriting.

So you want to know more.

I've been designing for 5 years now and focusing on products for 3 years. I've acquired all the knowledge I showcase in this portfolio along the way. I've worked for several startups as well as big companies.

I find solutions to business and users problems with my teams while perfecting my craft doing so. I enjoy the special atmosphere and team spirit so specific to small companies.

My dream job is flexible, based on confidence and cross-team communication. I value trial & error because I learned that way, but I'd love to join a team of experienced designers I could rely on to give me precious advice.

My ambition is to be part of an interesting project, be trusted with responsibilities, and learn.

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My experience

Check out my last jobs

Product Designer
Sept 2018 — Today
Product Designer
April 2016 — Sept 2018
Web Designer
Oct 2015 — June 2015
Vojo magazine
Web Designer
Occasionnal freelance contracts
Product Designer
Mar 2014 — Aug 2014

Currently learning

I just want to improve everything I do

Outside work

I also have a life outside the office:
I'm a former rugby player and a recent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuka. I guess I love sports involving hugs.
I can't say no to a great meal with great friends. Probably the most french thing to do.
I travel everywhere when I get the opportunity.
Brazilian JiuJitsu smile
All about having fun !