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Strategy - Copywriting - Product design - Visual identity - Development
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Project Overview
Loft is a small family business that sells high-end furniture. They needed to upgrade their existing website to match their target audience better and keep their content up-to-date.
My Contributions
I was in charge of the whole project from end-to-end. I wore multiple hats from the diagnosis to the actual development.

"Working with Martin was a great experience. He listened to our needs and was very easy to work with. He was reactive and dealt with our site professionally,we are satisfied with the result. We recommend working with him."

Cyril Tessier and Jean Paul Tessier, Loft and Avenir Cuisine Founders
Loft's new responsive site
Problem statement
Loft's biggest acquisition channel is by word-of-mouth and on-site visits. They attend several fairs every years to gain visibility and prospects. Prospects then check their site to decide whether or not they could work with Loft. The information displayed on their previous site was obsolete and many clients didn't know that they are able to renovate an entire house.
Project goals
To get potential clients to reach out.
Update information.

Better target customers to meet business' problematics.
Some documents with my notes on
I gather information from the business and clients to diagnose.
Owner's interview
They find dealing with many small projects challenging because their company's size don't allow them to provide a good enough customer service. As a passion-driven business, they prefer getting big and ambitious projects.
User research
What set Loft appart from big players is their deep knowledge for high quality products. Customers appreciate that they install their furniture themselves. They also like the deep personalisation possibilities and the atypical brands they propose.
The content and hierarchy I created for this project
I create content with business and users in mind. I involve the client during the process.
Content creation
The landing page states what Loft does with an emphasis on quality visuals. I coupled realisations pictures with client's testimonies to reassure the users. The main call-to-actions point at the contact page to reach the main goal. Also, every page ends with a contact section.
I took care to write copy including keywords based on our target's needs and Loft's competitive advantages.
Some wireframe exploration for the landing page
Some wireframe exploration using my layout generator.
Visual Design & Development
Alongside the website redesign, I was asked to work on Loft's visual identity. I designed a modern logo from a house shape. I chosed "Roboto" as their main font to reinforce the modern feeling. This typeface comes with a lot of weights and is easy to pair. It applied well for the site redesign as well as print work I did for the company.

I based the layouts on 4 columns grids using my own tool. This structure allowed the photos to stand out while keeping the site visually simple.

I used webflow for development. This tool makes maintenance easy and I could supplement the site's navigation with subtle interactions.
Loft new visual identity
Loft's new visual identity.
Outcomes & What I learned
Eventhough this site launched not long ago, Loft's owners reported customers that chosed them because of the "site's appearance": they looked "serious" and "knowledgeable". They also noticed a slight increase in more global projects. In the owners' words, my work with them initiated a shift in the way they communicate their work to customers.

I loved working with Loft because they trusted me with all their communication. The project was fullfilling for everyone. I learn the value of a thourough interview of business owners. It is easy to take a project without digging enough underlying problems.

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